Fleuren app

The Fleuren cherry app gives cherry growers a practical tool with useful information about the different varieties and useful tools to grade the fruits. Together with Square the app has been built in a short time, based on agriculture standards.



Tree nursery Fleuren is one of the largest fruit tree nurseries in the Netherlands. Since being founded in 1922, Fleuren continues to provide innovative ideas to the whole value chain because of which they are renowned internationally. The new Fleuren cherry app fits completely in the company’s philosophy: innovative and pragmatic.

After the first meeting, Square created a first concept within a day which was then further developed. After further consultation, ideas for a color map and measuring tool were devised to rate the cherries. Furthermore, the calendar for ripe-times developed by Fleuren was integrated in the app. Fleuren hopes to provide a useful tool and it shows that they are always looking for new ways to communicate with their customers.

Developing together

Standing still is like going backwards, also with the app. Even before the first app was used, there were new ideas for innovation and extension. Square is happy to continue being a partner in this. The platform on which the app is developed is easily useable for new app implementations. Fleuren and Square are both looking to find useful innovations that are useful for other customers. In this way, both profit from each other’s insight and experience and are able to share the investment.


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