Square supports Kenniscollectie.nl

In October 2015, the Kenniscollectie.nl (Knowledge Collection), was launched in Rozet, a culture, knowledge an education center in the municipality of Arnhem. Square is a partner in this initiative. The use of EASY Federated Search makes it possible to perform integrated searches in the catalogs of the participating libraries.


Kenniscollectie.nl is a collaboration between four libraries in the municipality of Arnhem: the public library, the media library of ArtEZ University of the Arts, the documentation center of Holland Open Air Museum and the Dirkzwager legal publications library. Using their membership cards, members of one of these libraries are allowed to use the collections and facilities of each of the other libraries.

Kenniscollectie.nl aims to stimulate the development of knowledge of people and organizations in Arnhem. Mark Jansen, knowledge manager at project initiator Dirkzwager: “Companies not only have an economic interest in the city, they also have a social responsibility. This way, they are able to give something back to the city in the form of knowledge." In addition, the initiative promotes collaboration in other areas between the four partners.

A knowledge collection must also have a shared library catalog. Mark Jansen: “We did not want to get involved in complicated IT-projects to combine the different systems. Instead, we looked for a practical solution that would bring the four existing catalogs together at a single location in a simple manner. This would allow users to determine at the press of a button in which of the libraries a specific book can be found. Dirkzwager was already familiar with Square as a reliable and enthusiastic partner and they were very interested in participating.” Jansen is happy with Square's involvement: “By using EASY Federated Search, we were able to give the Kenniscollectie.nl just that little bit extra. And the technology provided by Square makes it easy to add new libraries to the initiative.


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