A solid solution for the management
of all your knowledge.

BIBIS Bibliotheek System

A powerful basis


All types of information can be categorized and described in the Catalog.

In addition to cataloging books and magazines, it is also possible to include reports, model contracts, knowledge documents, multimedia files, e-books and many other sources of information in the Catalog.

Images, audio and video clips and Word, pdf or other types of documents can also be added.

Knowledge Portal

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is used to search the items included in your library or knowledge center.

The transparent interface offers untrained users easy access to your valuable information sources. For more demanding users, the OPAC offers advanced, but easy to use search and filtering options. The powerful Square search engine ensures that the required information is located quickly.

The Knowledge Portal provides opportunities for interaction between users and the catalog administrators.

The portal can be extended with links to enable simultaneous searching of other internal and external sources.

Optimal streamlining of
ordering and lending processes.


BIBIS offers an integrated order administration for both subscriptions and one-time orders. This gives you optimal control.

The drafting of letters and reminders in the language of the suppliers is supported by default. Orders can be placed directly from the system to different vendors.

Subscriptions to publications that appear irregularly require extra monitoring. The optional invoice registration feature can be used to record and track all invoices for magazines, including multiple subscriptions with different vendors. When an invoice is recorded, all the information that is needed to determine if there is a discontinuity in invoicing or delivery of a subscription is available.


BIBIS offers you the possibility to optimally streamline and control the lending process.

All the functionality for lending, returns, renewals, reservations and subscription and membership administration is fully integrated.

Through direct communication with the managing librarians, users can send a request for reservation during a search. Reservations can be created or cancelled directly. It is possible to renew single objects, a selection of objects or all borrowed objects. More and more organizations choose to make borrowers themselves responsible for the lending registration. This is also possible with BIBIS.

This module takes into account the most optimal working method for all the different types of libraries and knowledge centers.

BIBIS controls circulation in
a transparant


For business libraries and knowledge centers in particular, Square has developed the 'magazines' module.

Organizations with a large number of subscriptions and, in many cases, more than one subscription per magazine, save lot of time with this module. Even more important is the optimization of the circulation, which reduces the required number of subscriptions and thus saves money. Circulation takes place according to the priority principle, taking into account the fact that readers who are not in the office during a specified period temporarily do not need to receive the magazine. Procedures can be recorded to allow distribution in addition to circulation.

On the basis of publication details, BIBIS determines which issues have been or should have been delivered. This information can be used to contact the supplier in case of non-delivery. Including separate issues in the circulation and taking them out of circulation is done simply by scanning the assigned barcodes. Lists providing a clear overview are available upon request. Information for financial processing and budget calculations are also part of this module.


With BIBIS you can inform the users in your organization about new materials.

This takes place on the basis of user profiles or various other criteria. You can create your own design for the alert messages. This module also includes an interesting solution for managing information regarding standards, a feature that is essential for ISO certification in particular.

Alerts initiated by BIBIS can be integrated in the news alerts from Howards Home.


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